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The Mer Made Way is an approach of  98% Plant Based eating, and 2% your call.  After years of research, trial and error, course after course, this balanced LIFESTYLE has changed the health of myself, family members, friends, and clients.

 My goal is for this site to be ever changing, ever evolving, with new information daily/weekly/monthly.  I am hopeful you will find tools to help you transition from being sedentary, sick, and tired - to motivated, healthy, and full of energy.  You will find easy to follow recipes, along with an extended list of some of my favorite Plant Based and Vegan products to help make your transition as delicious and easy as possible.  

The Mer-Made Way was created out of a personal desire to help others, and I love having the opportunity to share my passions and thoughts with you, and help you on your journey to optimal health!  

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10 Minutes to Toned!

Weights are great, but some people don't have access to weights or physically can't do weight training because of injury or other health reasons.  Body weight movements such as lunges, squats, push-ups and pull ups are popular and very effective, but for beginners, or those returning to exercise they may be a bit strenuous.  Bird dogs, lying hip raises, planks and various core work movements can get your muscles fired up and toning without a lot of strain.  10 minutes of stretching and body weight movements can make a huge difference in shaping and defining your body.

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I highly recommend Mer Made Pilates, Fitness and Nutrition to anyone of any age! I started with Merlinda a year ago on a plant based diet. When I started I was 230 lbs, on two blood pressure pills, and had no energy. Here I am a year later, I am down 42 lbs, have a ton of energy and the best - I'm off one of my blood pressure pills,  and cut my big dose in half!! Merlinda is very helpful with recipes and workouts, and she will answer any questions you have in detail! Making this lifestyle change was the BEST decision I have ever made for myself and my family!

Samantha Hanner

Mer Made Pilates, Fitness and Nutrition has been such a blessing. The introduction to plant-based, and the adoption of it as my diet was amazing. I love the fact that Merlinda is so genuine and sincere about what she does.  She took the time and educated me of facts versus myths and it was very eye opening. Since the change in my diet, the results far exceeded my expectations. And my body certainly appreciates it more. I went from having such guilt of eating chocolate, and consuming very large amounts of sugar, to almost none. Chocolate is rare is our home now. Sodas are gone.  I was pleasantly surprised at the difference. All the snacks I want with fresh fruit and nuts. So to me, not only was the result physical, it was also mental. They go hand in hand.

     Have a question ? Ask. She really digs into research, and already has first hand knowledge of so many aspects. The food prep is pretty nice too. The proteins, the vitals, all the sources we were never told about. Also when you consider the impact of various aspects of meat and dairy, it’s almost heartbreaking.

     We can’t forget about the exercises. She has such a diverse range of ages, abilities, and needs that she is able to work with and glean even more experience. She has tailor made routines to cover just about every scenario. And I learned it doesn’t even take much. The explanations of the benefits, why the exercises are done, and the overall goals are explained in such a way that it gives you such a positive feeling and a certainty that she is as vested as you.

     Over all, it is such a great experience. It’s not a simple, “Follow these three steps and you’ll live a better life” kind of change. It’s a great commitment that goes both ways. A nutritionist, a fitness guide, and a knowledgeable and great person to work with !

Paul Hanner

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"Merlinda and Mer Made Pilates is the best of the best. Her individualized workouts are tailored to each individual’s level of fitness. I started out without being able to do a sit-up! There was no judgement, only encouragement and patience. My fitness level progressed very quickly and I became more fit than I had been in my 30s (am now in my 60s). Her vast knowledge and level of experience was evident in all she did. Plus her humor helped me stay focused on my overall goal. My confidence with being stronger led to biking longer distances. My only regret is that I didn’t start Pilates with her sooner. Love Mer Made Pilates and Fitness!"

Sheri Longstreth Knecht

"I've had the incredible fortune of working with Mermaid Pilates, Fitness & Nutrition and with Merlinda both as a Pilates instructor and nutrition coach. Merlinda truly cares about her clients and goes above and beyond. Her expertise shines through as an instructor but above all as a coach. She really cares about her clients health and well being emphasizing exercise, whole foods and a plant based diet. Merlinda has helped turn my health around, and I can't recommend her enough!"

Monica Fernandez Oglesby

"Merlinda’s Mer-Made Way Pilates is amazing. I have been a client of Merlinda’s for over 2 years and her customized workouts are life changing.
I have never been this fit in my 60 plus years. She is a very gifted coach, who knows how and when to push you to your limits. She is encouraging and genuinely cares for her clients no matter how experienced or inexperienced. Merlinda makes working out so much fun you actually look forward to her sessions! She is the BEST!"

Jill Suzette Mitchell

I highly recommend MerMade Pilates for anyone, any age, who wants to improve their overall strength and fitness. I was hesitant when I began because I was 73 years old. But Merlinda and I discussed my past medical history and she developed a pilates routine that was perfect for me. I have been a client of Merlinda’s for five years and I am so happy with the improvement in my overall fitness and strength. During our time together she became more than an instructor, she became a very special part of my life. She is the Mer-Mazing!!

Gail Shumate

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