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This day of feasting is given its own day in which to celebrate all our blessings, watch football games, and gorge ourselves on food until we have to unbutton our pants in order to feel somewhat comfortable. I say BRING IT ON…BUT...what if we were thankful for all the wonderful blessings we receive daily, and not just celebrate once a year? What if we took the time to lovingly prepare meals, and share them – around a table – with the ones we love DAILY instead of once a year? Just imagine.

My challenge to you is this: Celebrate life, love, and family EVERY DAY not just once a year. It truly is a big deal so express it as such. Take time to sit down at a table with your loved ones and have conversation as you eat – even if it is just a PB&J sandwich. Slow down. Don’t just take the time – MAKE the time – to be with those you love most.

Learn to enjoy truly being with your loved ones, not just being around them. Put the electronics away. Turn off the television. Have conversation. Play board games. Cook together. Walk or ride bikes together. Be THANKFUL together.

Being thankful daily is also an extremely easy way to stay healthy. Taking time out to just enjoy the simplicity of conversation, or walking (with no ear buds or music) outside taking in nature and all its majesty. Your heart, mind, body and soul will sing with happiness and reward you with a sense of well-being.

Happy Thanksgiving and daily blessings to you all!

Stay Healthy,

Merlinda (November 2021)

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